"Health Benefit 2020" is an initiative that adds value to a family doctor!

The purpose of the initiative

- Improving the working conditions of family doctors
- Emphasizing the importance of a family physician in the community
- Creating new sources of income for family doctors
- Protecting the physical safety of doctors and their families

The reason for the initiative

The lack of doctors
Migration of doctors
Needs of the diaspora
New technologies


The results of the three-year initiative and research "Tourism of the future - added value for health" indicate the enormous personnel and financial potential that result from stigmatization of old and sick people in tourism.


06.2019 - 12.2019

Collect best practice examples, or solutions to the problem of family doctors lack in different countries

06. 2019 - 12. 2020

Evaluate opportunities for applying new technologies cross-border

06. 2019 - 12. 2020

Point on health needs and potential of the diaspora

08.2019 - 12.2023

Apply CRM as a tool for new income for the family doctor

01.2020 - 12.2020

Define the dangers and potentials of cultural and linguistic barriers

01.2020 - 12.2023

Use the "hybrid society" to achieve an additional income for the doctor


- Establish communication with diplomatic missions for contacts with relevant national ministries, medical and economic chambers and professional associations of family physicians.
- Meeting of an interdisciplinary international group of experts.
- Regular organization of specialist meetings.
- Involvement of interested physicians, communities and companies in the scientific and economic parts of the initiative.
- Continuation of the "Health Benefit" initiative business concept.


Partners are smart, responsible and successfull individuals and companies, institutions and associations that cooperate in implementation and contribute to the success of the initiative.

In today’s world, it is important to stand out from the competitors for the right reasons.
Your participation reinforces your positive image - HEALTHY IMAGE!