„Health Benefit 2017“ is a year-round campaign which contains a strong competition component.

Health and wellness tourism are in the forefront and offer great opportunities for both, providers and consumers.

However, if wellness or health is written on the package, that doesn't mean it's also included.


with health benefit


with health benefit


with health benefit

Second Home

with health benefit

Evaluated are tourist destinations, individual and institutional providers of tourism services and products which assure added value for health through their activities.

To ensure value from the „Health Benefit 2017“ campaign, a multi-level survey will be conducted through personal contact.

In the first three months, up to 5.000 people will be interviewed about their needs.
Until the end of the competition more than 50.000 people will be expected to participate.

A board of experts and a jury will provide the compliance and transparency of "Health Benefit 2017".