A competition that highlights benefits for health
at home, at work and on vacation!

Competitors with Health Benefits


with added value to health


with added value to health


with added value to health


with added value to health


with added value to health


with added value to health


The aim of the competition is to highlight creative and inventive products and projects that enable people who are looking for health to make independent and objective decisions.


The aim of the competition is to gain attention and to raise funds for the initiative Health Benefit.

By participating, you influence the quality of life of many people!

The competition “Treasures of modern health” enables the implementation of both scientific and economic aspects of the initiative Health Benefit.
In today’s world, it is important to stand out from the competitors for the right reasons.
Your participation reinforces your positive image – HEALTHY IMAGE!

Winner announcement

The final round of the competition and the award ceremony  will take place in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna on December 18, 2019.

A panel of judges will determine the winners at the award ceremony in Hofburg. Judges will select one winner in each category.

Winners of the Competition will be awarded with the certificate “Winner of the competition TREASURES OF MODERN HEALTH 2019” and a free of charge promotion in the catalog “Treasures of Modern Health”, 5.000 pieces.

The jury are selected well-known and credible persons, among them media representatives as well as professionals in the fields of health, real estate, insurance and tourism.